Bat Surveys

If you are submitting a planning application that may affect bats, or if you have had to withdraw an application because of a lack of (or inadequate) survey, we can help get your project back on track.

We are planning application specialists that offer Licensed Bat Survey with Anabat, tree survey, and tree surgery services.

Fauna (Animals) services/surveys are carried out to ascertain what is there or not there so that a management plan can be created in the attempt to re-establish their presence or to create habitat to allow the return of the fauna.

Conservation services:

Conservation is in the heart of out business, we know that human beings are totally dependent on nature and that when we work to save nature, we're really working to save ourselves.

Some of the services we offer:
  • Floral and Fauna Services
  • Badger Services
  • Bat Services
  • Tree Surveys
  • Japanese Knot Weed Surveys and Treatments
  • Apiculture Management and set up service