Floral & Fauna Services

H&G Ecology Limited takes on a a responsibility to protect and conserve the biodiversity of the natural and manmade environment of Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Essex. Biodiversity describes, the life of plants (Flora) and animals (Fauna) on Earth as well as the complex ecosystems which they make up.

In 1992 the “Convention on Biological Diversity” was created at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The UK signed with 149 other to recognise that there is a global concern that human activities are changing and destroying natural habitats at a devastating pace.

The UK published the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (1994) and a few years later each of the counties produced their own individual version of an action plan. Many adjustments and improvements have been made to both the UK and county BAPs so that more proactive management is beginning to take shape. H&G Ecology Limited are very much a part of this proactive management to increase awareness and offer expert advice, which we hope will mitigate against the loss of flora and fauna as well as adverse human activity in the South East.

H&G Ecology Limited provide consultancy services for property developers, construction companies, architects, landscape developers, Town & Country Planners, educational organisations, public parks and gardens, farming, fisheries and golf courses, private households, and the media.

With years of experience in Wildlife Consultancy, H&G Ecology Limited can provide a tailored service based on your requirements from initial surveys and management plans right through to implementation and maintenance.

Our business is built on a personal service, tailored to your exact requirements by experienced and friendly staff. We can move quickly and adapt our services to meet your exact requirements - feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Conservation services:

Conservation is in the heart of out business, we know that human beings are totally dependent on nature and that when we work to save nature, we're really working to save ourselves.

Some of the services we offer:
  • Floral and Fauna Services
  • Badger Surveys
  • Bat Surveys
  • Tree Surveys
  • Japanese Knot Weed Surveys and Treatments
  • Apiculture Management and set up service